Emerging Markets Changing the Game of Mobile Advertising

The future of advertising is mobile, and the future of mobile is in emerging markets. By 2050, India will overtake the United States and become the second largest world economy, right behind China. The number of smartphones sold in India—the world’s second-largest smartphone market—increased by 30% between 2015 and 2016. 


There is a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a new set of consumers in these countries. In this report, we outline three current mobile advertising trends in emerging markets and introduce actionable best practices that advertisers should follow to adjust their advertising plans for emerging market consumers.


Some key takeaways:


  • In Indonesia, users often deal with reduced battery life. The global average phone battery life is 21.7 hours, yet Indonesians get only 12.8 hours.

  • Over the next five years, mobile video is expected to represent 70% of all mobile data traffic around the world, including emerging markets. In some of these markets, the mobile video advertising growth rate has reached triple digits.

  • Ad blocking is prevalent across emerging markets. 22% of the world’s smartphone users are blocking advertising on their device while browsing the Internet. Almost two-thirds of smartphone users in India and Indonesia use ad blocking browsers. Data-conscious users in Asia-Pacific countries are turning to ad blockers to reduce the load time of web pages that are slowed down by large advertisements.

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