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Latin America is said to be the fastest growing mobile advertising market globally. Specifically, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are now among the top 10 list of countries by mobile ad traffic. However, these Latin American countries vary widely in mobile development, user behaviors, and advertising trends.


On Wednesday March 8 at 1pm EST we will be holding our second Jana Index webinar, "Latin America: The Rising Hub of Mobile Growth & Innovation." We will also hold a second session on Tuesday March 7 at 11pm EST for our friends in global timezones.


During this webinar, we'll take a closer look at LATAM as a region and examine country trends, specifically:

  • LATAM: The current state of mobile advertising in the region, top app usage, and overall trends that advertisers should be aware of.

  • Brazil: Despite the country's recent economic turmoil, the mobile advertising business continues to grow. We'll discuss how this is possible and what to expect as the Brazilian economy bounces back.

  • Mexico: Perhaps the most similar to the United States, Mexico's mobile and advertising trends differ from its regional counterparts. We’ll discuss our findings from our recent in-market trip and what to expect in the future.

  • Argentina:  Although small in terms of population, Argentina has recently emerged as a LATAM tech innovation hub. Specifically, Argentina's app developer community has grown immensely.


Registration for both the March 8 and March 7 sessions are now open. To see details on both sessions, please visit our resources page.