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As the Content Marketing Manager at Jana, I have the pleasure of using our wealth of data to tell interesting stories, and help our employees tell interesting stories of their own about their experience in our markets or at Jana. It’s been a fun year and I wanted to look back and share my editor’s picks for the top blog posts of 2016.

Top Ten Jana Blog Posts of 2016

10. #INEEDDATA: How Indian Students Use Their Smartphones

Consumer Marketing Manager Katie Sedat has as a pretty awesome job. As part of her work, she often travels in-market to talk to users and hear how they use their smartphones. In this blog post, Katie shares photos from a recent event mCent sponsored at SRM University in Tamil Nadu, India. The students answered the question, “What would you do with more mobile data?” Their answers are as diverse as the students themselves.

9. 10 Tips for International App Marketing

For many of our customers, working with Jana is their first time they ever advertised in a new country, especially an emerging market country. These actionable best practices came directly out of conversations with our customers about their pain points as they conquer this new territory. One of my favorite best practices is around app localization. It is an often overlooked step that can make a major difference.

8. App Usage By Day of the Week

It’s always interesting to see app usage data by country for a particular month, but it’s even more interesting when we can spot trends over time. It shows that our assumptions are not always correct, and this was especially true in this blog post. Before we initially looked at the data, we expected Transportation apps to be used the most on weekends, since users have more free time on weekends to explore and travel. However, we found quite the opposite. Across all countries, Transportation apps had around average usage on the weekends, but above-average usage on Thursday—21% above the average.


App Usage By Day of the Week In India and Brazil

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7. The Top 10 Used Shopping Apps in India Over Time

The future of eCommerce growth in India is massive. By 2020, India’s eCommerce market will reach $119B and the average spend (in USD) per online shopper in India is expected to reach $464, almost double the spend of shoppers in 2015. The data in this blog post points out that just because an app is not in the list of top used apps by daily active users, doesn’t mean that app isn’t highly used.

6. Life at Jana: Why Parental Leave Policies Matter

It’s really easy to talk about how great a certain company benefit is, but it’s a different story when you hear about a company benefit—like parental leave—from a team member who used that benefit. Jana Senior Engineer and new dad, Billy Lazzaro, shares his thoughts on Jana’s parental leave policy and why it’s important to have a parental leave policy that benefits both parents. This is especially relevant, since Billy and his wife recently welcomed their second child. Congrats, Billy!

5. Why Remote User Testing is Not Enough

One of our biggest product development challenges is that our users live in countries that are far different than our own. This creates a unique user testing experience. User Experience Researcher Sophie Min explains how in-country visits has changed the way we conduct user testing.

Man Sitting Down Using Smartphone

4. Emerging Markets: Why They Should Matter to App Developers

We often talk about how important emerging markets are for app developers. In this post, Senior Sales Manager Saad Munir shares his thoughts on why these countries should matter to advertisers and app developers. My pick of Saad’s many best practices: “Understand what users want and need.” It can be easy to overlook, but it’s vital when considering users you know little about.

3. SHAREit: The Fast New Way Indians are Downloading Apps

SHAREit has been on our lists of the top installed and used apps in India for a long time. This year, we took a closer look at this popular file sharing app. Since app developers are reporting that more than 20% of their installs are coming from an unknown source like SHAREit, we thought it was important to shed some light on this interesting new platform.

2. BBM and WhatsApp Fight for Users’ Attention in Indonesia

One of the most popular blog posts on the Jana Blog over the last year or so was our 2015 post on why certain messaging apps win over others in Indonesia. We thought it was worth taking a second look. Sure, BBM is still the most popular, but WhatsApp has climbed three spots to the second-most used app in Indonesia.

1. How Pokémon Go Reached Mexico, India, and Beyond Without Google Play

To say Pokémon Go was a trend in 2016 is a massive understatement. It was a cultural movement. What interested us the most was figuring out how the app made the list of the top 20 used apps in Mexico and ranked within the top 30 in Indonesia without being listed in the Google Play Store. We think apps like SHAREit had something to do with it. This was a fun blog to research and the data told an interesting story that is still developing. Pokémon Go just launched in India through a partnership with Reliance Jio.


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