Christina Zhou

Mckinsey & Co. Quote about Emerging Markets
Emerging market countries like India, Indonesia, and China are quickly becoming the key drivers of wealth, influence, and technology around the world. With the Jana Index, we place data about these countries and the people who call them home at your fingertips.

Introducing the Jana Index

The Jana Index is a curated collection of data and insights highlighting the growth of mobile and advertising in emerging markets. We combine the best country-specific data available and our first-party analysis on the smartphone habits of 30m mCent users in emerging markets, all in one place.



Screenshot of the Jana Index

Why focus on mobile and advertising?

The increased spending power among emerging market citizens has accompanied the mobile-only revolution in these countries. For the first time, consumers are not only using smartphones as their first Internet-connected device, but as their only connected device. The increase in smartphone adoption has also shifted advertising spend from traditional television and print, to mobile. This development has generated interest in this new population of smartphone users that very little is known about.

The benefits of the Jana Index

The Index is valuable in a multitude of ways. For one, the information is our own. Through access to our proprietary user base in emerging markets, we have exclusive and reliable information on smartphone users, their app preferences, data usage, and more. Second, we do the research and analysis for you. With the wealth of information spread across the Internet, news, and other data providers, it can be tough to find the most relevant and reliable data and digest it in an easy way. Our team collects and curates the data from over 30 trusted sources and presents it in one convenient place.


We hope that the Jana Index will become your one-stop source for the latest on mobile advertising, smartphone growth, and app trends in emerging markets. Please visit the Index today and sign up for our monthly newsletters to continually receive information about emerging markets.