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Jana is happy to introduce our new self-service platform, Jana Launch. Through Jana Launch, app developers can create, maintain, and track their own mobile user acquisition campaigns. Entrepreneurs at all stages—from independent developers to more established companies—can grow their user base in emerging markets with no budget requirements.

The benefits

Jana Launch offers some unique benefits for advertisers. Advertisers can set up CPI campaigns that run directly through our proprietary app, mCent. With all users coming from mCent, we can ensure that all users are genuine. We offer different campaign configuration options for different goals, from pure growth to campaigns focused on app engagement and loyalty. Additional benefits include: 


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  Reach a high volume of quality global users through our proprietary app, mCent
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  Start immediately with no SDK integration required

PayPal Logo   Easy online payments via PayPal and no budget requirements
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100% Google Play Store compliant

Success stories

Several app developers have already seen results from Jana Launch. Rahul from Yayaya Games used it to set up his campaigns in India, saying:


The Number 3 "Jana Launch was the best way to kick-start my app. It increased organic growth and had high conversion rates compared to other platforms. For an app that wants to grow and prove its value, Jana Launch is great."


Another company, Peekshare, used Jana Launch to grow their audience in South America, where their app is gaining traction amongst users. Peekshare’s founder Daniel Idzkowski says,


Peekshare Logo Peekshare's core mission is to be the most data efficient social network; Jana is the perfect partner and advertiser for us. Using their platform we were able to increase our retention rates, find customers that cared about data efficiency, and scale our first few thousand users for pennies on the dollar before getting organic traction.


Jana Launch is the latest way that Jana is supporting app developers large and small. We are excited to continue to serve advertisers globally and help them reach the next billion in emerging markets.