Katie Sedat

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How do you use mobile data? Whether it’s to stream your favorite music on your way to work, play your favorite mobile game, or keep up to date with friends and family on social media, mobile data is the catalyst for many things we accomplish with our smartphones.


In August, our mCent team, with assistance of campus ambassador Gaurav Kansal, visited SRM University in Tamil Nadu, India to take part in their freshman welcome party, Shuru. We asked them how they use mobile data and what they would do if they had more data. The responses were as diverse as the students themselves and gave us a sense of how important data is for improving and enriching these students’ lives.

Many students would use more mobile data to connect on social media

Attendee of the #INeedData Event       Attendees of the #INeedData Event


















Entertainment is driven by mobile data

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Mobile data helps students complete their schoolwork

Attendees of the #INeedData Event

Mobile data facilitates career growth

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How would you use more mobile data?