Saad Munir

Saad is a Senior Sales Manager at Jana. He has been in sales for his whole career and has been in mobile since 2011. He has worked with and at ad networks, data providers, and app developers. His hobbies include traveling, investing, cars, and Boston sports.
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Lessons From Bill Russell: How to Be a Star Player-Coach at ...

Being a top-notch individual contributor is hard. It takes a lot of hard work, organization, resilience, dedication, and patience. Being a good manage...

Saad Munir   |     Feb 07, 2017

Emerging Markets: Why They Should Matter to App Developers

They’re big. They’re scary. They’re different. Emerging markets are the fastest growing markets in the world, yet in most cases, they are geographical...

Saad Munir   |     Sep 06, 2016