For a long time, app developers and marketers focused on developed markets like the United States or the UK, and for good reason. Users in these markets could afford to purchase the expensive devices. But over time, smartphones became more affordable and accessible, especially for users in India, Indonesia, and beyond.

Users in emerging markets are becoming increasingly valuable, but many companies that previously focused on developed markets don’t know they exist. If emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Brazil, or China aren’t top of mind, you should reconsider. There’s a huge opportunity to reach these mobile-first users on the devices that they use the most—their smartphones.


Why Emerging Markets Are Important Infographic


It’s important to note that when focusing marketing efforts on emerging market users, it’s not as simple as expanding to new markets and hoping for the best. You may not see immediate LTV. It’s important to think about who you are targeting in this market and your product in the context of the end user outside the U.S. You may need to change some features of your product to appeal to these users and give them the best experience possible, increasing your chances of gaining adoption in a new market.


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