wego App's Average Revenue Per User Growth


Regardless of the geographies that they live in, app developers and marketers are acutely aware of the importance of customer lifetime value (LTV) in measuring the success of a mobile app. Knowing the LTV of a user helps app marketers measure the return on investment of each ad, and determine which channels to invest in for marketing. LTV can be measured in many ways, whether it’s through engagement, long term retention, ads viewed, or transactions. One of the most popular metrics used to measure LTV is average revenue per user (ARPU).

Measuring LTV is increasingly important among travel booking apps. According to Google’s 2014 travel study, 67% of leisure travelers and 78% of business travelers used their smartphones during at least one phase of the process—from inspiration and research to the actual trip itself. But for developers of travel apps, the challenge lies in getting users to not just browse hotel deals or flights, but ultimately book a trip.

Client need: Transacting users

Wego is the leading travel search site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, with headquarters in Singapore, and regional offices in Dubai, Bangalore and Jakarta. Travelers use Wego to search over 700 airlines, hotels and online travel agents to find the best travel options available online. Wego also delivers business directly to an extensive global travel partner database, and aims to continuously grow its customer base.

Jana’s solution: Increase ARPU with in-app events

Wego worked with Jana to connect with mCent users in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India, with the ultimate goal of increasing the average revenue per user.


Users were able to download and try Wego free of data charges. The campaign encouraged users to search for flights and hotels, and select the deals that interested them.

The results: 3x ARPU

With Jana, Wego reached their goal of connecting with new users and increasing their ARPU. They witnessed:


  • 3x increase in ARPU: Wego’s ARPU increased 3x in Malaysia, delivering them a boost in ROI

  • Increased in-app activity: More mCent users were searching and viewing travel deals with Jana than users acquired through other channels

  • Geographic expansion: In light of their success in Malaysia, Wego expanded their campaigns with Jana to two new markets: India and Indonesia


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