Make the Internet free for the next billion. It’s a statement that is uttered a lot here at Jana. Not only is it our company mission and the reason why we built mCent, but it’s also the guideline we follow when making any company or product-related decision.


But our mission is meaningless if we don’t truly know our users—who they are, where they live, what their pain points are, and what problems they face everyday when it comes to accessing the Internet. Without them, there is no mCent. There is no Jana.


We’d like to introduce you to four of our mCent users: Daniel, Wallace, Nishant, and Shamima. Each has a story to tell about how mCent has affected their lives and given them access to free Internet. These stories represent a small fraction of the impact that mCent has on all of our users, regardless of age, gender, and geographic location.

Brazilian Male mCent User

Brazilian Male mCent User

Indian Male mCent User

Indian Female mCent User


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