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Over the last few weeks, heavy rainfall and flooding have ravaged Southern India and the city of Chennai. As a result of the record-breaking flooding, close to 300 people have lost their lives and 1.8 million people are displaced. Thousands are still living without electricity, food, or water. Now that the waters are receding, the long process of cleaning up the damage is just beginning. Over the next few weeks, millions will start the recovery process, as the region looks to rebuild.


In light of the economic and human tragedy from these events, we knew that we needed to do something to help those affected across Southern India. The news is also personal for one of our Jana team members. The family of Sheela Subramanian, Jana’s Vice President of International Operations, is from Chennai and Cuddalore, two cities hard hit by the flooding. “Connectivity is vital during times such as these, and the simplest way to access help is through the mobile phone. Having enough mobile data to communicate with family and loved ones should be the last of one’s worries.”


Starting today, Jana will be gifting 10 MB of free mobile data to over 1.7 million mCent users, with the hopes that the data will facilitate connection with loved ones or benefit those seeking assistance during this time.

Our office may be in Boston, but our mission to make the Internet free is global. We hope that this gesture will help even a fraction of those affected by the recent events in Chennai.