With 1.25 billion people, India is the second most-populous country in the world. It’s also quickly becoming one of the most mobile. The smartphone market in India is growing at a 20% annual rate and has 150 million smartphone users in the country. As new users are purchasing their first smartphones, the apps they discover first will be the ones that capture their loyalty.


If you are an app developer and are interested in expanding your app to India, there are some unique features about the country, its mobile audience, and the opportunity that you should consider.

Why to Expand to India Infographic
What makes India unique?

  • Dual-SIM devices are common: 48% of Android devices hold more than one SIM card, allowing users to switch between operators and phone numbers.

  • Data is expensive: A 500 MB data plan costs the equivalent of 17 hours of minimum wage work. Data usage is the #1 reason users cite for not trying an app.

  • #1 for mobile commerce: 41% of online purchases are on mobile, a rate higher than any other country in the world.


    Jana can help you navigate the Indian mobile economy and get your app discovered by millions of users.