How to Expand Mobile App to Indonesia Infographic


Over the next few years, smartphone adoption in Indonesia is expected to skyrocket by 97%. The number of smartphone users in the country will grow from 52 million in 2015 to 103 million in 2018. That means 43% of Indonesians will own a smartphone by 2018.

This growth in smartphone adoption is fueling spending by mobile advertisers. Over the same time, there is expected to be 1,053% growth in mobile ad spend in Indonesia—from $129 million in 2015 to $1.5 billion in 2018. The 2018 ad spend estimate is over 1.5x more than that in India for the same year.

While all of this growth presents a great opportunity for app developers, device manufacturers, and mobile operators, the country is filled with unique challenges that are unlike many other emerging markets.

In our white paper “Indonesia’s unique challenge for app developers,” we explore the three features of the smartphone marketplace in Indonesia that app developers should consider when expanding to the country.

Key findings:

  • More SIM cards than users: There are 254 million people in Indonesia, but there are 319 million mobile connections.
  • Dual-SIM devices are common: 44% of Indonesian smartphone users have a dual-SIM device.
  • IMEI is not a perfect identifier: With 70 million active illegal devices in the country and the prevalence of IMEI-changing apps, using IMEI numbers for identification has its drawbacks.

As a result of SIM card proliferation and illegal devices in the country, app developers are facing a huge challenge tracking usage of their app. For many, the same tactics that they used to enter other emerging markets may not work when expanding to Indonesia.

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