Brazilian Man Using Phone

In Brazil, Android is king. Of the 49 million smartphone users in the country, 90% of them are using an Android-powered device. In the next few years, this number is supposed to increase by almost 50%. By 2018, there will be an estimated 72 million smartphone users. Many in Brazil will use these devices to gain access to the Internet for the very first time.


In our white paper "Brazil: An untapped mobile advertising opportunity" we explore Android app usage in the country and why the age of traditional advertising is dead. In Brazil, the real ad opportunity lies in the hands of the emergent middle class—their devices.

Some key findings:

  • Facebook beats Google in messaging: WhatsApp Messenger has 2x more daily active users than Google Hangouts

  • Upward mobility: 5.3 million Brazilian households will be among the emerging middle class by 2020

  • The advertising opportunity lies in mobile: TV ad spend exceeds ad spend on mobile, yet mobile users are spending more screen time on their devices than watching TV

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