According to the Lei do Bem law, smartphones sold in Brazil with homegrown apps pre-embarked on the devices are subject to a tax exemption. This law benefits not only the smartphone makers and the local mobile app ecosystem, but most importantly, the app developers in Brazil. Since next Monday marks Sete de Setembrothe Independence Day of Brazil—we wanted to celebrate by highlighting the top Brazilian-made apps that fellow Brazilian users love.


We compiled the lists of top apps by category based on usage of the apps as measured by DAU and overall install rates, as well as user experience measured by recommendations and Google Play ratings.


Top Apps Made by Brazilian Developers

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Key takeaways:


  • Unlike in Indonesia, Brazilian smartphone users are big adopters of mobile banking apps. This is not huge surprise, since one in every four bank account owners in Brazil uses mobile banking.

  • Music streaming is extremely popular and local apps are the top choice for Brazilians, even when international apps are available.

  • Kite flying is an extremely popular sport and tradition in Brazil—only second to football—and its fandom has driven Pipa Combate to the top of the games category above football-related games. 

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