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Indian Man Using mCent on iPhone


At Jana, we run experiments to discover better ways to deliver valuable content to our mCent members around the globe.

The experiment

With the latest release of Android Lollipop 5.0, it became a requirement for app developers to ask users to change their usage access setting on their device a second time, after the initial install of the app. In July 2015, we ran an experiment to test which type of messaging would result in more mCent users in India changing their usage access setting in Android.


After logging into mCent, the user saw a dialog on their device and had to accept the setting change in order to use the app. All variants used the basic principle of first explaining the “why,” such as giving airtime or giving the best possible experience, then the “what,” and the “how.”


Overall, all five variants performed very well—more than 95% of users accepted and changed their access setting. However, certain variants had higher acceptance rates. Of the variants with the best performance, we saw the following patterns:


  • An uplift of 0.4% and 2.1% when the variant appealed to protecting privacy. This is not surprising, as privacy is an important value in India.

  • We also saw an uplift of 0.9% and 1.4% when the variant gave one button with the option to allow vs. two buttons with options to allow or deny. In other words, the message that only showed a positive action resulted in a higher acceptance rate.

Phone Screenshot of Prompt for Changing Settings

Variant 5: The winning dialog

The winning option, Variant 5 with a 98% acceptance rate, illustrated both patterns. It appealed to protecting privacy and showed a single, positive action. It also had much more concrete and detailed explanations on why the user should change the setting and how to do it.

Get your app discovered

By running experiments like this one, Jana’s team of talented engineers make sure that the 30 million mCent members have the best possible experience while using mCent.