Asia Pacific is an area of the world rife with opportunities for app developers to reach new users. India is the world’s second-largest smartphone market, and both India and Indonesia were among the top 10 Google Play countries by downloads in 2014. Many users in these regions are also gaining access to their first smartphones thanks to the growth of affordable smartphones, helping to break down the barrier to connection.


Guvera App Growth Focused on APAC Countries

Client need: growth in Asia Pacific

In early 2014, Guvera wanted to expand its presence in Asia Pacific. Guvera is an Australia-based music streaming service that allows users worldwide to listen to curated playlists of their favorite artists for free. Guvera also offers a Platinum subscription service that lets users listen to any artist, any song, any time. Guvera was excited about the opportunity to capture these first-time smartphone users and make Guvera Music their favorite music service.


But, the company faced the challenge of finding a marketing platform that could connect them with music enthusiasts in these areas of the world. 45% of mCent members have a music app installed on their phone, with an average of 1.7 music apps installed per member. With Jana, Guvera could reach these users.

Jana’s solution: high-growth user acquisition campaigns

Guvera used Jana’s Growth and Trial features to set up campaigns to target music lovers in different ways in Indonesia, India, Philippines, and Malaysia. The offers varied by region, but the goal was the same—drive a high volume of users of Guvera Music. After setting a fixed cost per user rate for each market, Guvera was able to launch their user acquisition campaigns.


The campaigns worked similarly in all four countries. Users were able to download Guvera Music for free without incurring data costs through Jana’s mCent app. The campaign in Malaysia encouraged users to not only download the app, but also create an account. In Indonesia, Jana made Guvera Music free to try.

The results: increased registered users

Guvera reached their goal of acquiring users of Guvera Music very quickly. They reached their goal for new users in the Philippines well ahead of schedule. They saw 3x higher conversion rates with Jana in relation to other channels.


Guvera App Tripled Registration Statistics

Since Jana optimized their campaign for email registrations, Guvera Music not only acquired, but retained new users. Eager to try Guvera, 60% of mCent members that downloaded the app also registered for an account. Users were active in the app as well—they streamed an average of two songs daily.


“Jana is an efficient way to acquire mobile app users, as the registration rates are higher relative to other platforms,” — Aloysius Chan, Social Media & Marketing Manager, Guvera


In April of this year, Guvera reached 10 million users across all markets and three million users in India alone. Guvera CEO Darren Herft recently commented, “We're thrilled to see Guvera's global community growing daily.” Guvera is well on their way to expanding past the 10 million mark, and Jana played a role in reaching their goal.


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