How People Choose which Apps to Download Statistics

Word of mouth and referrals through social media sites like Facebook are the key to app marketing in emerging markets, according to a survey of mCent users.


Last April, we gathered responses from 1,650 consumers in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico and offered insight into how consumers in each market are exposed to mobile advertising and how they choose the apps that they would like to download.


Gartner projects that by 2018, just 0.01% of consumer apps will be considered a financial success by their developer. As the market grows tougher, visibility is key to reaching a core audience of high-spending consumers—smartphone owners that will spend money on either downloading an app or making in-app purchases for an app that they already own.


“How do you choose the apps that you would like to download?”


In every market surveyed, referral from a friend either via social media or by word of mouth was the most popular way for consumers to choose their next app download. Respondents also reported learning about apps through advertising on social media, web browsers, and websites. An average of 18% of respondents reported that they choose apps after viewing a TV advertisement, although this was not one of the top five responses in any of the countries surveyed.