Why Apple Continues to Lose in India

New iPhones in a Broader Context

Justin Liu   |     Sep 29, 2017

Three Ways Advertisers Get Creative on WeChat

The most populated nation in the world is also home to the most connected. China’s internet market gained 43M new users last year— equivalent to the e...

Jana   |     Jun 01, 2017

Focus on Brazil's Mobile Economy: Jana Insights

Last month, we hosted our second Jana Insights webinar, “Latin America: The Rising Hub of Mobile Growth & Innovation.” In this interactive webinar, ho...

Jana   |     Apr 19, 2017

The Data Trap, Revisited

Two years ago, we published a blog post focused on the data trap—the concept that while millions of new users in emerging markets were getting online ...

Jana   |     Apr 10, 2017

LATAM Webinar Slides and the New Jana Index

On March 7 and 8, Data and Insights Lead Christina Zhou, hosted our second Jana Insights interactive webinar. This quarter, the webinar focused on Lat...

Jana   |     Mar 27, 2017

Three Business Culture Differences That Affect Communication

Communication is not just an important part of business; communication is business. At Jana, a large number of our customers are headquartered in othe...

Bridget Malicki   |     Jan 05, 2017

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

As the Content Marketing Manager at Jana, I have the pleasure of using our wealth of data to tell interesting stories, and help our employees tell int...

Sarah Pekala   |     Dec 28, 2016