Top 25 Apps by Usage in India Preview

We recently took a look at the top 25 apps installed on Android devices in India. This week, we want to explore the apps with the most data usage.

When ranked by the total data used by the app, interesting trends emerge. Consumers in India rely on mobile phones not just for chatting, but also as their primary device for sharing files, connecting with people globally, watching videos, and more.


Top 25 Apps by Usage in India April 2015

Tools for file sharing

Behind Communication, Tools are the second biggest category for apps measured by data usage at 17%. It's clear that consumers in India are using their phones as their computers. SHAREit and Xender, which allow consumers to share documents, photos, and videos across devices, top the list of the apps with the most data usage in India.

Entertainment, media, and video

Indian consumers rely heavily on apps like YouTube and hotstar to watch Bollywood, cricket, and other popular entertainment on their smartphones.

Facebook wins at social

Despite many Social/Communication apps developed by Indian companies available on the Play Store, apps owned by Facebook (including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram) are the dominant channels for social connections. 

Categories for Top 25 Apps by Usage in India Based on Google Play category segmentation, Communication apps include messengers and mobile browsers.

Why is data usage important?

More than just measuring recent downloads or what is installed, measuring data usage can be a valuable metric for engagement and the value people find in using an app. It makes sense that UC Browser is in the top five apps by data usage. It’s the fourth app installed on phones in India and the most used mobile browser because people love it! Vyshakh, a 19-year-old who lives in Delhi, India explains why  UC Browser is his favorite app:

“UC Browser is an awesome way to browse the Internet because of its great interface and great features. It offers live news feed updates including cricket scores and Facebook messages, and it seems like websites load faster. I love it so much it has replaced my default browser.”


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