As India grows to become the world’s second-largest smartphone market, app developers are looking toward the country for user acquisition. Based on the top installed Android apps, global companies exhibit strong penetration on sampled devices.

Top 25 Installed Apps in India April 2015
We grouped the top Google apps, since we're looking exclusively at Android devices and many come pre-installed.

The Google Play Store ranking algorithm remains a secret. However, Jana reveals a more transparent way to look at top apps. More than recent downloads, these charts reflect the apps users actually have installed on their smartphones.

Categories for Top 25 Installed Apps in India Google apps were omitted because they appear in multiple categories.

These categories are based on Google Play segmentation. According to the store, the Communication category includes messengers, like WhatsApp, and mobile browsers. Considering the popularity of UC Browser and others, it is not surprising that most of the apps fall into this category.

In addition, it is interesting that:


  • Candy Crush Saga is the only game that appears in the top 25

  • Indian companies developed 30% of the apps

  • Facebook owns the top two messenger apps, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

This data comes from Jana's mCent app, which is downloaded by 8% of mobile phones in the country. Through mCent, Jana helps developers acquire users for their app.